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Malmö Disconto Werk 1803

50 Rdr Silvermynt. SAF.23

The economic crisis of 1812 brought on the downfall of the Malmö Discont. In 1817, great losses arose through the bankruptcies of some clients. Furthermore, the directorate of die bank was caught having made false entries and deccitful reports. A general run by the depositors to the bank was feared. To calm the public, a proclamation was issued on September 27th, 1817, asserting that business would carry on as beföre. But these hopes were crushed, because after that proclamation had been issued, the bank was exposed to a run by depositors wanting their deposited funds. The bank was förced. to close and the National Debt Office took over the obligations of the Malmö Discont, which, however, was not liquidated until 1848, at a great loss.